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We are looking for pug breeders that breed quality looking (The lighter fawns the better and blacks with no white on the chest) and healthy pug puppies, Both Black and Fawn (no brindle or white) that will ship them via airplane to Logan Airport in Boston. I prefer smaller breeders because the puppies seem to arrive healthier, more socialized to people and with fewer kennel related issues. The kennel related issues is what kills our business. The problem with the smaller breeders is that they typically don't run their business like a business and there are too many missed flights and paperwork errors. Also the smaller breeders can rarely keep up with the demand. Either way, it doesn't matter what size your kennel is. What matters is the health and quality of your puppies and the efficiency of your business.

We will buy entire litters and we will pay no more than $525 (including shipping) per puppy shipped to Logan Airport in Boston. It is understood that 2 puppies per crate costs the same so we will only accept multiples of two puppies. Again, we only buy in multiples of 2 to save on the shipping costs, if you can have them shipped for cheaper then we are open to listen. (For Example: 2 puppies per crate costs the $250, If you sent 1 puppy in one crate the cost would be $250.) We will send you $525 per puppy and we will send a deposit in advance if necessary. If you need to be put in touch with a shipper then we will get that information for you.

Pug Puppy Litter

The puppies must be AKC (preferred) or ACA, no APRI, CKC (Continental) or other "puppy mill" registries.

If you are interested the following simple rules must be met:

  • The puppies eyes must be in good health, no fogged over, scratched or hazy eyes.
  • The puppies must be vet checked with first shots and records.
  • The puppies cannot arrive with ear mites. If present the ear mites must be treated and cured prior to shipping.
  • The puppies cannot arrive with Coccidiosis, Guardia or any other kennel borne virus or issues. If present these issues must be treated and cured prior to shipping.
  • The puppies should be shampooed prior to shipping with a good smelling puppy or baby shampoo.

Here's the problem: The vets out here in the North East are serious about making money. When we sell your pups, the buyers are required to take the puppy to a vet within 10 days. We have received puppies that have had fleas, Coccidiosis, Guardia, hazy eyes and smelled like a kennel from breeders that sounded like pros. This is a North Eastern Vet's dream! The buyers will come back to us back and ask us to reimburse them for a $400 vet bill! Most breeders from Missouri cannot comprehend these astronomical fees because your vet makes house calls for only $40. We simply don't need any nor do we want any problems.

Black Pug Puppy

The bottom line is that you may need more money for your puppies, you may not want to ship your puppies or you just want to sell each puppy so that you get to know the buyer. What ever the case I thank you for reading this and I wish you the best of luck. However if this seems to be a situation that you are interested in then please respond by clicking here and I will contact you.

We are also considering adding other Toy Breed puppies to our kennel.

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